When businesses text
07 May 2017

When businesses text

We talk a lot about how businesses should text – well how do businesses text? Some businesses use personal phones, company phones purchased for each person, or even purchase virtual phones for each person.  Our solution, Hoptree, lets a company share a text number across a team.  That means consistency and visibility for how customers are messaged.  It also means that if one person is sick, on vacation, or leaves – the customer still can continue to text that one number.

When businesses text, everyone wins.  Sure, sometimes they text to let you know they need to talk.  But one text to coordinate a phone call turns that phone call from potentially a poorly timed inconvenience to at least a mutually agreed to time.  However you decide to do it, please try to first #TextDontCall


Hoptree is available on iOS and Android as well as on your Desktop Browser:

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